Welcome to part 2 of making the neck. The photos in this post will move through to show the finish of the carving of the scroll, and most of the tool marks have been cleaned away by the last photos. It’s not completely finished yet, but it’s time to move on to bending the sides, and while the glue dries for the sides, I can revisit the scroll to clean it up further to remove small bumps and refine the shape, especially the throat and chamfers. Making the scroll first means that I can keep revisiting it and tweaking it when I have spare moments.

The first photos were taken with my mobile phone, since I’d left my camera’s memory card at home. They show further carving of the scroll, from where I left off in my last post.

Ok, memory card is back now, so my better camera is used for the rest of the photos.

There’s still more to be done to the scroll, but time to move on to the sides!


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